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Charmed by Vogue Permanent Jewelry


Permanent jewelry is a piece of fine jewelry (typically a bracelet, anklet, ring, body chain, toe ring, hand chain, or necklace) that does not have a traditional clasp, so it cannot be easily removed. Instead, the ends of the jewelry are welded together while you’re wearing them, creating a seamless look.


  • No clasps to fumble with.
  • High quality/low maintenance.
  • To remember someone special.
  • Fashion statement a lot like a tattoo.
  • Gift to/from someone special.
  • It can represent a powerful emotional connection to a person.
  • To symbolize a relationship.
  • To remind the wearer of a cherished memory.
  • To form a bond between people
  • To mark a life event

Many people get their permanent jewelry with a friend or family member to show they’re “linked for life.” We’ve seen this trend with moms and daughters, sisters, best friends – and even bridal parties!


  1. Pick a chain.
  2. Pick charms, connectors, floats or pendants.
  3. Choose where you want bling…bracelet, necklace, ring, toe ring, body chain, hand chain, anklet, or more than one if there is time.
  4. We measure to your custom size.
  5. We weld your jewelry on.
  6. You are now “Charmed by Vogue”!


HOW SHOULD I CLEAN IT? We recommend gently washing your permanent jewelry regularly with mild soap and water, especially after swimming or sweating. Be sure to rinse it well and gently pat dry.

IS THERE ANYTHING I SHOULD AVOID? Permanent Jewelry is made to be lived in. So while we don’t recommend exposing it to harsh chemicals, your jewelry is made to go on all your adventures.

HOW LONG WILL MY JEWELRY LAST? Permanent jewelry is not indestructible, it is meant to last for a long time but it can still break or stretch. Charmed by Vogue uses high-quality metals that last longer with a little care. Our jewelry is made of sterling silver, 14k gold filled, 14k rose gold filled, & 14k gold filled with decorative enamel coatings. Harsh chemicals, lotion, skin care products, rough handling or even normal wear can wear off the decorative enamel coating and/or the fine metals over time.

CAN I ADD A CHARM LATER? Sure! Just book a new appointment.

WHAT IF I WANT TO REMOVE IT? Simple! Use wire cutters or the cutting edge of needle-nose pliers to very carefully snip the welded link (if you don’t cut at the welded link we will not be able to re-weld your chain again later). Hang on to your bracelet and store it in a cool, dry place. If you ever want your jewelry reapplied just make another appointment.

DO YOU ACCEPT RETURNS? No, we do not accept returns or exchanges. This is because we are custom fitting your piece of jewelry to you.

WARRANTY? If your jewelry tarnishes within a year bring it back with you and we’ll replace it at no cost! If your weld breaks anytime bring it back with you and we’ll fix it. Unfortunately we cannot warranty lost jewelry as we cannot see them to determine the cause of the break.

*Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent able to sign a Waver for their minor.

*Children under 12 are limited to our sterling silver ONLY because of Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) in accordance with jewelry for children.

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